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A reputed real estate broker from Mahim, Mumbai, with an iconic business legacy that can be traced back to its establishment in the year 1963, K. Hemandas is the one-stop solution for all your property-related needs. As a third-generation RERA-registered broker, we have been diligently carrying forward our commitment to extending nothing but the best personalised services to our clients. 

Whether one is a buyer, seller, or a tenant, or whether one is on the hunt for residential properties or commercial spaces to lease out - we leverage our in-depth experience and expertise in the field to keenly understand your requirements, and present you with the most relevant property options.


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Jigar Dedhia

Local Guide

I can’t speak highly enough of K. Hemandas as our real estate advisor/agent. Professionalism, knowledge, honesty, integrity and hard work, ethics are very much appreciated and respected. They are detail oriented, good with people and have a knack for matching the tenant with the owner…. making it the perfect fit for one's requirements. Thank you and keep up the good work.

G Punjabi

Most trusted people in the real estate market. Very clear on their documentation. They did find the best place to stay for me. Well done! Thanks for getting me the best property for rent. I'm sure they did negotiate with the rent for me. They are located at Mahim. Do ask for Mohit Bhagnari there, he will be the best to assist you throughout the process of getting a property. Thanks again, Mohit Bhagnari.

Rakshin Malankar

Local Guide

Friendly , patient and customer focused approach. They heavily negotiated with the builder on our behalf to get the best deal. They also educated us on various things about real estate.

Girish Patil

One of the best real estate agents in Mahim, Matunga, Dadar area. Very trustworthy person. His firm has been running the business since 1963. You also get a variety of flats for lease and outright nice service. Very well-mannered person. God Bless.

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Mohit K Bhagnari

22 Properties

Kishore H Bhagnari

22 Properties

Hemandas Bhagnari

22 Properties

Shivam S. Manjrekar

22 Properties

Kalpesh G. Waghela

22 Properties

Bhupen S. Daftari

22 Properties

Omkar S. Sapkal

22 Properties

Rekha Sachin Nalavade

22 Properties

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